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Univers des Arts - n°187

Univers des Arts n°187, article by Jean-Louis AVRIL “The sea is your mirror”.

Espace Christiane Peugeot (  Paris, France )

Nicole King exhibited 35 paintings in a co exhibit with the recycle –  art sculptor, S. Deschan Best mountain. Many of the larger paintings included scenes portraying the major marine – coastal ecological catastrophes of the past few decades:Deepwater Horizon ( 1991 ), Elgin Gas platform ( 2012 ),  Fukushima Nuclear Plant ( 2011 ).

The art critic, Jean-Louis Avril writes:

“ ( she ) chose black and white for some of her paintings to emphasize the appalling impression of a devastated environment, symbolized by an oil-drenched sea bird’s wretched agony.”

Jean-Louis Avril (U.D.A.)
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