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Nicole King is committed to preserving the planet’s depleting natural resources. Her biological environmental concerns fall into four categories:
  • Biodiversity,
  • Pollution and ecological catastrophes,
  • Oceans, water resources and wetlands,
  • Man and water.
Biodiversité illustration thème


One thousand species disappear every day, not counting all those still unknown. Over fishing and waste from bycatch, pollution and climate change are some of the causes of this alarming eclipse. A disrespect for other living things has already pushed us into the 6th extinction of the Anthropocene.

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Pollution theme illustration

Pollution and environmental disasters

What some call “ accidents” are catastrophic environmental issues. Pollution in all its aspects : oil and gas drilling, increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,, intensive pesticide practices in agriculture, and the dumping of plastic creating the seventh continent in the middle of our oceans; all have long term and often fatal consequences.

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Illustration oceans theme

Oceans, water resources and wetlands

The earth is 65 % water. How we manage our fresh and salt water resources dictates the planet’s existence : oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and the existence of Man himself.

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Illustration for Man and water theme

Man and water

Accessible drinking water is unavailable to 30 % of the world’s population. Sanitation unavailable to 40 %. “Ready” water is a natural resource. When it can no longer be recycled, there will be no more.

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