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Water in all its forms at the Cloître des Récollets

Allures Magazine

Article by Agnès Lamarre, published on the Allures Magazine website, about Nicole King’s exhibition at the Cloître des Récollets, Metz:

Water in all its forms at the Cloître des Récollets, in Metz

A precious fluid artistically presented

Water as a source of life and natural wonder deserves to be celebrated! This celebration will take place on September 3 and 4, at the Cloître des Récollets in Metz. And to which will be added the highly anticipated exhibition of the pioneering artist of eco-painting, Nicole King. In this historic place, a selection of around fifty works by the artist will be presented in the large chapter room and in the public space. The Cloître des Récollets is a former convent dating from the 13th century, it was in 1972 the European Institute of Ecology, created by the biologist and writer Jean-Marie Pelt. Nicole King’s paintings correspond to her aesthetic research on fresh water for the last 20 years. She shows man’s relationship with this element which becomes the main subject of his work. And which she highlights, through “Inhabited water, threatened water, dreamed water”.

A committed artistic approach

The former expert in the “Water Resources and Pollution” department of WWF International shares her interdisciplinary approach with visitors. Between art and science. All of his paintings thus contribute to imagining new forms of representation in order to stimulate the implementation of the major changes that are coming to our societies.

Water seen from above

For example, “From Glaciers to Fountains”, an emblematic painting. The cycle of this liquid is present there from the melting of the glaciers, seen from an airplane, to the generous Roman fountains. Like those in Piazza Navona. As for Bernini’s pawing stone horse, and the outstretched hand of the Nile, they symbolize the growing tensions. Those that are emerging around the need for drinking water, which is still unmet in certain parts of the globe. A little hope emerges, all the same, with a window in the center of the canvas symbolizing the flow of water, from rivers to the ocean.

Exhibition from September 1 to 30, 2023, at the Récollets cloister: 1, rue des Récollets – 57000 Metz.

Agnès Lamarre, Allures Magazine

Read the article on the Allures Magazine website: https://allures.paris/leau-dans-tous-ses-etats-au-cloitre-des-recollets-a-metz/

Download article in pdf format: https://www.nicoleking.fr/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/NK-Allures-magazine-2023-09.pdf