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Le pèlerin- N°7012

Le Pèlerin N°7012 of 20 April 2017, Pilgrims of the earth, the mag Live differently : “Nicole King’s committed brushstroke”.

(Once a month, a personality is chosen for her/his actions for ecology and nominated, ‘ Earth’s pilgrim.”)

Sketching out the major milestones in Nicole King’s professional career, first as an environmental engineer ( Total Oil co. , WWF International )  and then as an eco-artist,  Father D. Lang underscores her major theme and motivation.

“Her paintings are full of reassurance for the planet and at the same time condemn the choices being made by industrial companies…. The catastrophe of Deepwater Horizen was what triggered the artistic commitment to protest through painting.“

D. Lang (Le pèlerin)
Le pèlerin N°7012