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Société versaillaise des artistes d’Île de France exhibits at Laurence Royer gallery

Article Ouest France juin 2023

Article published in the daily newspaper Ouest France, 05/06/2023, about the exhibition at Galerie Laurence Royer:

From June 1 to June 30, 2023, Laurence Royer welcomes ten painters and sculptors for an exhibition-sale at the Domaine Michel Royer, in Cambremer (Calvados). Several of these artists are members of the Société versaillaise des artistes de l’Île de France, including its president Françoise Frugier and assistant secretary Emma Coffin.

 “The Société versaillaise des artistes d’Île de France is one of the oldest artistic associations, bringing together professional and amateur artists from the same region, to promote their creations in the same spirit, that of the arts. It grew out of the Société des amis des arts, founded in Versailles in July 1854, which in 1954 was renamed the Société versaillaise de l’Île de France”, explains Françoise Frugier.

On display in this room are sculptures by Françoise Frugier, such as La baigneuse au canard, c’est ça la mer.  Also on display are paintings by Anita Alabau, a multicultural Parisian artist, and Emma Coffin, whose “each canvas is an adventure full of promise, an exploration of color through superb knife work”.

Highly realistic paintings, modern abstractions, animal sculptures…

Visitors can linger over Laurent Callen’s photography-like paintings; Alexandra Baudin’s “oil paintings of oysters that look ready to be eaten”; Claire Hur de Sacy’s “paintings of the body, movement, seascapes bathed in the changing light of Brittany”; artist Nicole King’s “militantly ecological painting on the theme of water and the ocean”; and Marie Chevigny’s animal sculptures. Also on view are “modern abstract canvases based on materials and mixed techniques” by Sophie Lecesne, and Pillon’s paintings, “with their play of color and total freedom of expression”.

Until June 30, 2023, exhibition at Galerie Laurence Royer, 101 route de Saint-Pair-du-Mont, Cambremer. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm to 6 pm. Other days by appointment. Tel. 06 76 79 48 66. Free admission.

Ouest France (2023,06,05)

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