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L’écologiste N° 49, May-July 2017, 4-page article by Anne Teyssèdre “How to assess our impact on the planet? “, illustrated with photographs of works by Nicole King and  Gaspard Noël.

In 1990 ( world population 5.3 billion people ) , P. Ehrlich and J. Holdren developed the first mathematical model *( I.P.A.T.) to calculate to what degree environmental changes were influenced by human activities.  Today, 30 years later ( world population 7.8 billion; an increase of 50% ) we speak of our “ecological footprint.”  

Anne Teyssèdre

*I.P.A.T. ( I. = Biosphere (living beings together with their environment)  = P.  (Population)  +  A. (Average energy resources consumption) +  T.  (Technology to produce resources).

Five of Nicole King’s paintings were chosen to illustrate the scientific article, including  “Turtle and the medusa-plastic bag”  seen above.

For more information, see the article on the website of the French Society of Ecology and Evolution: https://www.sfecologie.org/regard/r71-avr-2017-a-teyssedre-ipat/

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