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Aralya : art and ecology

The renowned critic Christian Noorbergen talks about the work of Nicole King. The digital magazine Aralya echoes this:

For the 10th anniversary of an exceptional establishment, the “Internat de la Réussite” in Marly-le-Roi, the scientific artist and activist Nicole King is exhibiting a superb selection of her “ecological” paintings, about fifty pieces, as well as a collection of works by her “eco-artist apprentices”. Nicole King, a visual artist and environmental engineer, has just opened a recuperation art and drawing-painting workshop on her land. The principle of Récup’art is simple: to recover any object that has become useless, any waste, and to transform it by the magic of the artistic gesture into a unique work.  This concept of applied art highlights the human gesture which, for once, does not destroy but rebuilds, restoring stature to abandoned or broken objects.

 Nicole King’s lively painting, generous and awakening, integrates a latent, subtle and relevant scientific dimension. Her plural work exists on different levels of reading, and the ecological dimension, neither assertive nor brutal, is insidiously implicating, and all the more so because it emerges at all levels of the work. The pure aesthetic impact is always present and primary, sometimes close to abstraction, when the colour itself ventures out to live its own life and bewitch the expanse. The animal presence, haunting and touching, is a beautiful added value. Fluid structures, of trees or seaweed, impose a fantastic allure with fine echoes of reverie and mental letting go.»

Christian Noorbergen

To read the full article: visit the Aralya website: https://www.aralya.fr/news/art-et-ecologie.