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What kind of coastline for tomorrow? (1) In memory of Fukushima

Quel littoral pour demain ? (En mémoire de Fukushima)


  • Year : 2011
  • Dimensions : 45.6693 x 35.0394 inches

The artistic process

In Japan, in March 2011, the tsunami wave drowned the electrical circuits of the cooling system at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. To this day, we still haven’t been able to begin processing the 880 tonnes of highly irradiated, molten fuel, permanently water-cooled! Irresponsible political decision-makers have allowed́ nuclear reactors to be built in a highly seismic zone, and they have become totally uncontrollable: since then, the continuous release of radionuclides into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a planetary risk, and demonstrates once again the sacrifice of the safety of populations and the environment for the sake of short-term economics. With its capacity to store radioactive water saturated, Japan began releasing it back into the Pacific Ocean in 2023, an operation that will continue until 2050. The fish will once again be unfit for consumption. Between abstraction and figuration, this painting evokes the effect of the Fukushima disaster on a symbolic coastal zone: the fragile ecosystem of Corsica’s Balagne region.