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Oceans, water resources and wetlands

Illustration thème océans (large)

The ecological context

In 1991, as an expert for Water and Pollution at WWF international , Nicole King established 3 priorities which defined the NGO’s future marine task force of 27 member countries :

  • non- polluting guidelines
  • integrated management of coastal zones
  • overfishing and threats to biodiversity in the oceans.

In 1983, as an engineer working on Total’s environmental  impact  study in Indonesia, Nicole King discovered a new copeopode, now named after her,  Articella nicolae. These same mangroves are now being destroyed by intensive shrimp farming.

Artistic meditations

Nicole King’s vivid painting, munificent and arousing, includes an underlying perspective :  subtle and alarming.  The ecological dimension is both allusive and illusive, inferred and perceptible…. We are further spoiled by the presence of animal life forms: haunting and affective.

C. Noorbergen, Art Critic