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Life and chemistry

La Vie et la chimie


  • Year : 2015
  • Dimensions : 19.685 x 25.5906 inches

The artistic process

Chemical pollution has long been omnipresent, and pollutants even contaminate our blood. Health effects may not appear until well after the initial exposure, with some contaminations even having repercussions over several generations (the so-called “delay effect”). But what manufacturer would agree to carry out

study the impact of their products over several generations? The WHO lists over

800 endocrine disruptors present in our environment: the cocktail effect is bound to be unmanageable, and virtually impossible to study. The speed at which chemistry has developed has outstripped our ability to manage the risks. The health and environmental problems caused by the various molecules are often not identified until long after they have been put on the market, and even once they are known, it takes years before their withdrawal is considered (see the case of glyphosate).