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Cargo Ship and overconsumption (Naples)

Le cargo de la surconsommation


  • Year : 2021
  • Dimensions : 25.5906 x 19.685 inches

The artistic process

In March 2021, the Ever-Given, a huge 22,000-container freighter from China, ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal in Egypt. Again in June, another cargo ship, the Mv-X Press Pearl, caught fire off the coast of Sri Lanka, polluting the coastline and impacting fisheries in the long term. Again, in March 2024, the Rubymar, a cargo ship loaded with 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers, was sunk by 2 Houthi missiles in the Gulf of Aden. This painting shows the contrast between nature, the snow-covered Vesuvius, hand-painted in oil, and our unbridled, globalized consumption, symbolized by two giant ships: the cruise liner at the stern and the container freighter.