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Mother-earth (homage to Rembrandt)

Terre-mère (hommage à Rembrandt)


  • Year : 2017
  • Dimensions : 13.7795 x 10.6299 inches

The artistic process

Inspired by a Rembrandt engraving, portrait of his mother. The lines on the map symbolize the earth’s wrinkles. Lovelock’s theory of Gaia, the Greek goddess Earth, presents the planet as a unified, self-regulating being, whose systems preserve the conditions favorable to life. Human activities, initiated mainly by male creatures, are disrupting its equilibrium. We women, the masters of care, must demand more power and fight to defend it. As a mother of two daughters, I’m convinced that women have a key role to play, given their biological link to the creation of life. We still have many glass ceilings to break, and even though I’ve lost some feathers, I’m determined to continue the fight for future generations.

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