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 Child and seal

L’enfant au phoque


  • Year : 2022
  • Dimensions : 18.12 x 25.6 inches
  • Techniques : Oil painting, mixed media

The artistic process

Marine species can still be approached without fear if we respect their freedom. I was able to experience this on a mission off Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), where I met́ on the desert island of La Fantaisie seabirds absolutely unfazed by man because they had never seen one: they came to peck at my shoelaces without fear… Let’s help young people to learn to look at nature, to learn about wildlife so as to better preserve it, for example by discovering the songs of different bird species using the digital tools offered by the Centre régional d’initiation à l’environnement (CRIE) in Mouscron, Belgium. A different relationship between man and nature will reenchant our future. To this end, I am a member of the IUCN International Commission on Education and Communication (CEC).