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The Rich biodiversity of wetlands

La Riche biodiversité des zones humides


  • Year : 2009
  • Dimensions : 39.3701 x 31.8898 inches

The artistic process

Between land and water, wetlands encompass a wide variety of ecosystems: marshes, peat bogs, lagoons, mangroves, ponds, moors, wet meadows and forests… Natural or man-made, continental or coastal, freshwater, saltwater or brackish, wetlands account for 6% of the world’s land surface (Skinner & Zalewski, 1995). Countless animal and plant species depend on them: 50% of bird species, amphibians, fish… All living things are linked to wetlands, which are at the heart of ecological and hydrological cycles, yet they are all too often drained and neglected. The Ramsar Bureau, an international organization, is working to protect them.