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Article by Thibaud Josset: “Forgotten oceans” for the Magazine Univers des Arts N° 182, Winter 2016.

In honor of the COP21 that was held in Paris in December 2015, “Nicole King returns under the spotlight with a new series of enlightened works.”

For the 15th SNBA ( Société des Beaux-arts ) art show  held in the Louvre museum, Nicole King exhibited the painting “Explosion of Elgin” (gas platform in the North Sea, 2012).  Citing a long list of catastrophic “ accidents” and the resulting pollution from these industrial disasters, journalist T. Josset says:

 … ( her painting ) proves that it is still possible to believe that figurative art has not only the power to reveal the world, but to change it.

Thibad Josset (U.D.A.)
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