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Univert des Arts - N°177

Article by Thibaud Josset: “Nicole King, L’art écologue”, for the Magazine Univers des arts, N° 177 (Winter 2014-2015).

“ Neither from righteous preaching or smug indulgence, does she ( Nicole King ) paint, but with the sincerity of what she sees and what she knows (10 years as an environmental engineer ) :  an strategic  vision that is both humane and unyielding. Using the blending of actual photographs and imagined panoramas, ( her paintings ) evoke a world sometimes interpreted  as living things, sometimes as embellishment,  and even a suggestion of animism. The result is the well know dictum :  a good painting is worth more than a long speech. “

Thibaud Josset (U.D.A)
Univers des Arts n°177