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Nicole King, floating enchantment

Artension n°177

Article by C. Noorbergen in the magazine Artension of January-February 2023:

Nicole King’s lively painting, generous and awakening, integrates a latent scientific dimension, subtle and percussive. Her plural and sumptuous work exists at different levels of reading, and its ecological dimension, fine and allusive, is omnipresent and subtly implicating. Embraces of art, nature, color and light.

The pure aesthetic impact is always first, sometimes close to abstraction, when the vivid color ventures to live its own life and bewitch the expanse. The animal presence, haunting and touching, is a superb added value. Fluid structures of trees or seaweed impose a fantastic atmosphere with fine allures of reverie and mental letting go.

Fused and metamorphic, the art of Nicole King, magician of the wet depths, merges the lived sources of the imaginary, and the deep arcane of nature. The archaic water of the deep is her territory. Floating, enchanted, enchanted and adventurous.

Christian Noorbergen – Artension