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Catalogue of the Salon “Place aux Artistes”

Catalogue of the Salon “Place aux Artistes” May 2013 Paris, Text by the art critic Véronique Perriol.

Summary of art review :

“Our anthropocentric vision of the planet minimizes the importance of living forms.  Consequently, we are leading ourselves into a period of ecological upheaval with a drastic loss of biodiversity. “

Véronique Perriol,  director of the Arcima gallery in Paris explains how Nicole King reveals this anthropocentric dilemma.

“Shining out of landscapes filled with scintillating blue nuances, emerges the sea in her stormy countenance. Expanding into stretches of vast lakes of sprinkled flowers .”

“This kind of work, this imagined creation is evidence of a perceptive observation.  A contemplation that is worried about a natural environment  under the threat of an accelerating invasion that will lead to a change in our life style.“ 

“It has been a life- long mission for Nicole King, who has fought on all fronts, the affective as well as the pragmatic.  As both activist and eco-engineer “ one goal;  2 professions”, she summarizes her premonition speaking of ‘ my worry, on the stat of the aquatic eco-systems, near to the limit of irreversible disequilibrium. “ 

*It is the dilemma of how mankind is part of Nature and finds itself fighting against it at the same time, sometimes veering towards its own extinction.

Catalogue Salon Place aux Artistes 2013