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Artension n°168

The theme of issue 168 is ‘Nothing but water – octopuses, swimming pools, storms… the great bath of contemporary art’.

 In the political dossier ‘Eau de vie, eau de combat’ written by Barbara Tissier, Nicole King’s commitment as an ecologist painter is quoted:

Other artists have also tried to ‘change things from within’. Nicole King is a painter-ecologist. She chose to work in the most polluting industry as an environmental engineer. For Total, she spent 10 years studying the impact of new oil fields. As a pebble in the shoe, she points out the risks and shortcomings. But the frustration is great. “As a scientist, the scope of my work was limited, my in-house studies were not published. She works with WWF, but it is through painting that she finds a new way to talk about ecology. Impact of the oil industry, disappearance of mangroves, extinction of species. “Art has an enormous contribution to make in raising awareness of the beauty of nature and its preservation. But the “search for beauty is always first, [my works are] not provocative and gloomy”. The painter introduces pupils to recuperative art in schools.

In the dossier ‘Les imaginaires aquatiques’, written by Christian Noorbergen, quotes Nicole King paintings.

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