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The Eye of the coral reef

L'oeil du récif de corail


  • Year : 2011
  • Dimensions : 36.2205 x 28.7402 inches

The artistic process

The chemical pollution of water is symbolized by the barrel with the skull on the right next to a Mediterranean grouper.

An unimaginable number of new toxic chemical molecules are invented (more than 70 million!) and disseminated in large quantities (more than 500 million tons per year!) without any environmental precautionary principles ( ie. impact studies ). Like the oil industry since the second World War, the chemical industry has an enormous influence in the world market place.  Rarely or lightly sanctioned in the court systems, the industry produces huge quantities of waste that often ends up in the marine environment*.

* A universal poisoning, Fabrice Nicolino, 2014, LLL (Les Liens qui Libèrent)